Friday 17 March

Smooth DM - Smooth DM are a blended band comprising guitarist Steve Williams and members of Carpe Diem. Smooth DM play songs in a variety of styles including swing, blues, folk, jazz, and rock.

Saturday 18 March

McKinnon High School

Brighton Secondary College

Firbank Girls Grammar School

Albie Sands and Angus Gray - Albie is a local vocalist/pianist/guitarist and trumpet player who produces both his own original music and covers. He teams up with fellow musician Angus Gray a.k.a. Morphi'A who is an EDM producer, classically trained pianist, and cello player.

Sunday 19 March

Carpe Diem - Carpe Diem are a Bayside based band who play at venues and private functions. The band has played at Max Watts and the Espy in St Kilda amongst other iconic venues and were state finalists in the Emergenza international music competition. They record and perform their own original material but also play covers in a variety of styles.

Still Flippin Burgers - A chance meeting at a recent high school reunion saw two old band mates Mick and Dave dusting off their equipment to have a jam. The musical passion was reignited and they soon found a singer (Matt) and a drummer (Matt). They play rock covers with a post grunge feel.

Max Tinkle - Max Tinkle is a regular piano/vocalist on The Melbourne Jazz Circuit. His group ‘The Max Factor’ plays a mix of Jazz & Swing with a touch of Blues. Bass is played by Mike Zutenis with drums featuring Jeff Barnes.

Virginia Shedden- Virginia is a local singer/guitarist with a “folksy vibe” based in Bayside. She likes playing around with different tunes to give them her own unique feel and is a regular performer in local venues for example Mothers Milk, Elwood Lounge

Jeremy Gronow - Singer, songwriter and guitarist Jeremy Gronow is best known for his work with Helvelln who released an album on Mushroom Records in 1991. He appeared on national TV shows as well as gaining international airplay via songs licensed to Neighbours. More recently he has returned to song writing and live performances at hippy arts festivals, a sheep farm and even a fish farm.